New Year New Me…Week Two

I’ve made it through another week of exercise, cleansing, and eating right.  Still missing coffee, but learning to love green tea more thanks to David’s Tea.  Had to treat myself to the odd little treat…a piece of dark chocolate seems to do the trick every time.  Here’s how my week shaped up.  (Oh god, I’m now using fitness puns.)

Day 8:

Frustrating night at the gym.  Not because of my workout, but the people who were there.   One couple ran in to the gym and almost knocked me over so they could claim the bikes.  My god, settle down people.  No need  to get violent over a workout bike.  Unfortunately, the free weight area wasn’t much better.  Tons of meat-heads tonight bumping in to me while they work on pumping up their chests.  I was the only chick at the gym tonight.

Day 9:

Woke up to a boatload of snow today…so no yoga this morning.  Opted for an after work workout at the gym instead.  Quieter night at the gym…very happy about that!

Day 10:

Weighed myself at the gym tonight…down another pound!

Days 11 – 14:

Definitely getting my routine down now.  I  work, I work out, I have dins, meal plan and make lunch for the next day.  Can’t say it’s been an incredibly eventful week, but I’m feeling good.   I’m down another couple of  pounds, my skin is glowing, and my straight, married, drag queen buddy came by this week again for a visit.

My sister’s wedding is fast approaching.  I’ve got one more week before we leave town for the event.  I’ll be giving my dress a try on in the next couple days.  Wish me luck!

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