My Inner Dialogue


While walking through the mall yesterday, I found my inner dialogue to be quite loud….and maybe a bit judgey.   I had my own What Not To Wear episode playing through my mind.  Sometimes I dream of being Stacey London so it would be acceptable for me to accost total strangers and save them from their style crimes.   There are some crimes that seem to be repeated over and over again.  They are simple fixes, but there they are.

“If you can’t walk in those shoes, you shouldn’t be wearing them.”  Always take a little stroll through the store when trying on new shoes to buy.  If you can’t walk in them for 30 seconds, all day won’t be better.

“Pink, orange, yellow, and green are a bit much all in one outfit.”   I have a rule of three.  Three colours (or shades) are perfect for an outfit.  Just make sure all three colours aren’t brights.  Neutrals are key.

“You should wear your accessories, your accessories shouldn’t wear you.”   Pick accessories that suit your style and stature.  Don’t pick things just because they are on trend.

“There are a very limited amount of women who can get away with short shorts.  If you have to ask yourself, “Can I get away with these?”…you can’t”   You must have amazing gams to pull off the uber short short look.  They don’t flatter most women and often accentuate your thighs.  If you can rock this look, make sure you’re choosing an appropriate time to wear them…like at the beach.

“Exposed bra straps are not sexy; they’re trashy.”    During the Summer months we all love our spaghetti straps and racer backs.  With their being racer back bras and bra clip strap converters, there is no reason to look tacky.

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