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Photos borrowed from my obsession that is Pinterest

I feel like I have been launched into Fall and all the coziness that comes with the cooler weather.  November is a super fun and kinda crazy busy month for me.  I’m co-organizing a major client event, planning my Baby Girl’s first birthday, plus working, and all the regular craziness that is my life.  This past week, I’ve had a sick baby on my hands, which means less sleep for everyone in our house, so the coffee is just on constant refill around here.  With the dip in the temp. and lack of rest, this mood board is a very good representation of how I’m feeling and what I’ve been wrapping myself up in.

I’m a big believer in rewarding myself for hard work, so today I booked myself a facial on the day of my Birthday at the end of the month.  It will be a great way to relax once all the hoopla is over.

I’m starting to plan and work on more style posts that I’ll having coming soon to PGITC.  Hard to believe that Winter and Holiday posts are already in the works too!  And Vancouver Mommies…I have a fab giveaway coming your way soon too.  Stay tuned!

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