Summer Vibes


Summer Vibes

Summer has come early here on the West Coast.  We have been enjoying loads of sunshine and trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  Fall has always been my favourite season, but since I started working from home, two and half years ago, Summer had definitely worked its way up as a season to cherish.  I love how easy Summer is.  Throwing my hair up in a messy knot, putting on a simple dress and sandals, and wearing just a bit of makeup to complement my seasonal freckles.  I love how adorable Maddie’s little thighs look in her shorts and how every walk we go on is whole new adventure for her.
My summer vibe is pretty laid back.  You’ll be seeing me in simple pieces like a denim dress or black bermuda shorts.  Sandals, hats, and sunnies are an obvious must.  I really pair down my jewelry when the mercury goes up.  Fun and quirky studs are all I really need.  Currently on my wish list…a round beach towel.  I adore the look of them!  I can see Maddie and I curled up on one reading books under a tree in the backyard.  What are you feeling for summer? Done any shopping this season?
Some songs from my current summer playlist that I have on repeat {I know it’s not all brand new, but love these songs}
Cheerleader ~ Omni
Rule the World ~ Walk Off The Earth
Sugar ~ Maroon 5
4×4 ~ Miley Cyrus
Busy Earinin’ ~  Jungle
Where Are U Now ~ Skrillex with Justin Bieber
Summer Vibe ~ Walk Off The Earth
Hero ~ Family Of The Year
I Was A Fool ~ Tegan & Sara
Wagon Wheel ~ Darius Rucker
Knee Deep ~ Zac Brown Band
Earned It ~ The Weeknd

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