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Hello 2018

dex clothing

Happy New Year?  2018 began and gave us a big old slap in the face.  The babies and my mom all ended up in the hospital within the first two days of the year.  I mean, come on!  But, I am happy to report that everyone seems to be on the mend and is back at home.  In our house we are just dealing with some left over colds, new asthma diagnoses, and new puffer routines.

Prior to the new year and all this going down, I set my goal word of 2018 as health.  So a brief history on this.  I’ve never really been a fan of new years resolutions although I do like goal setting.  A few years ago, I started coming up with a word to give my year focus.  My first word was simplify.  Last year’s word was mindfulness, and this year it is health.  The words from previous years carry over, as you never really master all things encompassing that goal.  I just keep working on improving myself and my family.   My idea with this is setting goals that work around health.  So, for example, a few goals I have are:

1) Get all the family taking a daily probiotic. (A simple one, and we started this past weekend.)
2) Eat less meat and dairy. Get on board with more vegetarian cooking. (I’ve been pinning easy recipes on Pinterest and will be sure to share some I love.)
3) Self care. Take time to make my own health a priority with exercise and time just for me.

These are just a few examples, but you get the idea.  One goal I’m always working on, is loving the body I have today, while woking on my health.  Yes, I would like to loose some weight, but more importantly, I want my body to be stronger.  I want more stamina for keeping up with my three littles, and show myself self love along the way.

dex clothing

dex clothing

A goal of mine every year is to make improvements to my closet.  These improvements are to purge, love the pieces I have, and only buy items I know I will wear over and over again.  Speaking of, you may recognize this boho blouse.  I wear it a lot and have featured it on the blog before.  It’s a great wardrobe staple for me.  First time I shared it with you all, I had paired it with denim shorts and sandals. (see the look here)  To winterize it, I’ve layered on a knit vest with my jeans and boots. That extra layer makes all the difference on a chilly day.  See below for all the outfit details.

So here’s to 2018! I hope it brings you all happiness, love, and health.  What are your goals for this year?

dex clothing

top: c/o Dex Clothing Plus Collection
vest: c/o Buttercream Clothing (Canadian Made!)
jeans: Addition Elle
bag: c/o Olive & Piper (now sold out)
boots: Aldo (oldies)
hat: Hunnis

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