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buttercream clothing

This time of year always gets me in the mood to purge.  My closet, my house, and my social media feeds!  About a year ago I started to really take note of how I would feel after looking at images of different people I follow.  Some people would warm my heart, others would give me a giggle, and some made me feel shitty.  It wasn’t that they were doing anything wrong necessarily, but I found myself feeling anxious and insecure.  So why am I following these people?  Some company’s and blogger’s brand is perfection.  Impossible, unobtainable perfection.  While it is so lovely to look at pretty pictures, we need a good dose of reality too.

I touched on this subject a bit a couple days ago on my InstaStories.  Society seems to aimlessly follow certain people on social media because they have a lot of people already following them.  They must be cool and worthwhile then right?  Not always.  I was recently chatting with a friend who met a girl at a party and the subject of Instagram came up.  This girl had a lot of followers….like thousands and thousands.  When my friend asked her how she managed to get such a big following, her response was that she bought her first 10,000 followers right off the bat.  People assumed she was important and give her a follow thinking she was a big deal.  It’s a frustrating story as it’s one of heard many times before.  This is not a poor poor me post.  I adore my more modest but loyal (and real) followers.  I’m making connections with real women, not speaking out to a bunch of robot generated profiles.

I love social media and all that it can offer, but sometimes it can be a real bitch.  If you find yourself feeling anxious, jealous, unworthy, frustrated, or confused by someone you follow, ask yourself why you started following them in the first place.  What do they contribute to your day?  Is it positive?  If you can’t answer these questions maybe think of clicking that unfollow button.  Seek out people who fill you up!  Take a look at what people with more modest followings are offering up.  Follow a diverse group of people that offer positive messaging.  Sometimes a chubby mom with three little kids, with a love of fashion, and has an honest way of portraying her life can be worth a follow;)  Ok, that’s my only plug for myself.

Thank you to all of my loyal readers.  I love hearing your comments and feedback.  You are an amazingly supportive community and I love sharing my little slice of life pie with you all.

dex clothing

buttercream clothing

dex clothing

buttercream clothing

bomber: c/o Dex Clothing Plus Collection (collection available at Fashion Addition)
dress: c/o Buttercream Clothing (find dress here) Made in Canada!
leggings: Winners
faux fur stole: Jillian Harris for Style for the Priv (old)
shoes: Hush Puppies (another look with these shoes + some fab ombre hair)

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    December 11, 2018 at 2:06 pm

    Loving your style!! Couldn’t agree more on being more conscious of the people you follow and how they can impact you personally

    Keep doing you Mama !

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