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First Week Back to School

First Day of Preschool {Year Two} Well, we did it! We made it though our first week back at school. It was a short week with Madelyn going  just three days this week. We were definitely dealing with a tired and cranky kid. I totally forgot how tired and grumpy she was last year for the first couple weeks of school. I thought that maybe she wouldn’t be as tired this year being that she’s that much older, but I…

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First Born

My first born.  She is hilarious, goofy, energetic, kind, cuddly, and growing up so flippin’ fast!  I get asked all the time what it is like to have a three year old and twin babies.  Truthfully, it is a lot.  These three little people rely on me for everything.  Not only that, I love to spend time with all of them, so navigating one on one time with each of them plus housework, cooking, and all those other fun things…

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  Ikigai: (n.)  Your reason for waking up the morning; the passion that drives your life. What a beautiful word for for where my life is at right now.  Motherhood is a crazy ride.  Most days I experience exhaustion, being overwhelmed, frustration, fear of failure, and second guessing a lot of what I do.  But, every morning I wake up knowing I will also get hugs, smiles, cuddles, to experience firsts, play, giggles, kisses, teach my kids new things, sing,…

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