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Five Little Things That Make Me Happy

  Five little things that make me really happy…. Our backyard patio, aka, my happy place.  It is where our kids play, where our family dines, and where I like to unwind with a glass of wine after the kidlettes go to bed. Opening a new book.  Truth be told, I barley carve out any time for myself to sit down and read, but I love it so much when I do.  And not to mention that new book smell.…

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Spring Plans

Ok, it happened.  The Spring weather has finally caught up to the season!  I have been loving all this sunshine and time outside.  Vitamin D really does do a body good.  With some renewed energy, I’m trying to regain some focus by setting a few goals for myself all having to do with self care.  Self care comes in many forms.  Sometimes it’s the big stuff like exercise and healthy eating but it can also be taking time for the…

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