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My Green Gift Guide

I read recently, in Forage and Sustain‘s Sustainable Gift Guide, that 90% of products that are returned during the holiday season get trashed. Trashed! It’s more expensive for the big box stores and giant fast fashion chains to dispose of these items rather than try to resell them.  That’s a lot of waste.  Our goal should be to try to avoid returns at all costs.  Returns hurt small shops bottom line, and the big guys send it to landfill.  I’m…

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vintage home decor

Nesting For A New Season

As we are now at the mid-way point of September, I am busy nesting for the upcoming season.  Yes, Fall is, quite literally, right around the corner, but so is the season of our family.  Our family of five has a season and Fall happens to be ours.  Not sure what I mean?  In October, we celebrate my Husband’s birthday, Thanksgiving, our wedding anniversary, and Halloween.  In November, it’s my oldest’s Madelyn’s birthday and my birthday.  In December my twins,…

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capsule wardrobe
Slow Fashion Style

Queen of Comfort

When it comes to curating your wardrobe, the best advice I can give is to shop for your lifestyle first. I used to be so guilty of purchasing pieces for some idealistic way of life. These pieces usually hung in my closet, collecting dust, making me feel guilty, and then eventually being donated. Changing this one shopping habit has helped me find my personal style and create my own style mantra. Cute comfort is my style mantra. Wanting comfort from…

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Mini Tipi

Indigenous Canadian Brand Guide

I am passionate about supporting small, Canadian owned businesses.  Over this past year, I’ve been making an effort to shop more BIPOC owned, small, Canadian businesses.  There are some incredible small Indigenous owned brands that I have shopped with and so many more I keep discovering.  If you are looking to shop Indigenous shops, but aren’t familiar with many, I have created a list as a starting point.  The list includes apparel brands, beauty and wellness items, home goods, jewelry,…

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Summer Shorts Guide

Shorts! I never wore them until a few years ago. I have had a bad relationship with my legs for as long as I can remember. Even as a slim, size 6 Gal of only 15, I had idiot boys telling me how HUGE my legs were. I’ve have moles, stretch marks, bumpy skin, varicose veins, spider veins, cellulite, hair, dry skin, chubby knees (as an ex-boyfriend teased me about for years), and all the things we’re told to be…

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