Women of the Round Table

I have the best weekly tradition that I think all girls should do.  Once a week, every week, I get together with my best girl friends.  We are a small group of six, we can’t all make it every week, but we have managed to keep this tradition going for about three or four years now.   Wednesday has usually been our day.  It’s mid-week and the night of America’s Next Top Model (which has been the perfect excuse to get together…like we need one).   Our evening consists of  making a fab meal together, drinking wine, Top Model watching and critiquing, and of course solving the World’s problems (which undoubtedly always lead back

to men:-) )

Our conversations are defiantly diverse.  For example, last week’s  topics varied from online dating, our dream closets, wine, family heritage and history, buying/selling/renovating homes, to the pros and cons of thong underwear.  The most amazing part of our dialogue is the seamless way we are able to go from topic to topic.  Still not sure what the segway was from our Family Trees to panties???

What I love most about my Gal Pal’s is how different we all are.  We have different backgrounds, we vary in age…20’s, 30’s, and 40’s, and we’re all at different places in our lives.   My fab six consist of Newly Divorced, Single Professional, Married with  Teenage Children, Single Student, Married with One Young Child, and  Living with Boyfriend.  Yup, we cover it all.  One of our Girl’s male coworkers has dubbed us ” The Women of the Round Table “.  He looks to us as a panel of experts to give him advice when it comes to dating, love,and  relationships.  Shockingly, we usually have an opinion (or six) to give him.

One of my favourite quotes is “Friends are family members you choose”.   My girlfriends are an extension of my family and know everything there is to know about me…and vice versa.  Never take them for granted, they’ll always have your back.

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    Married with One Young Child
    March 23, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    This is my fav post so far!! Love you to bits 🙂

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