The Taste of Spring

DAVIDs TEA  has quickly become an obsession of mine.  One of his stores opened near me recently and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Not only do they have the best loose leaf teas I have ever tasted, they also stock their stores with knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly Sales Staff to help you pick the perfect tea for you.  He has just released his Spring Collection.  (How much do you love that, like fashion, he has teas for every season???)  For Spring he has added Irish Cream, Barberry Fling, Senchamental, Spring Break, Pink, Pina Colada, and Cherry Blossom.  Cherry Blossom is a definite favourite of mine.  It’s a blend of white tea, green tea, cherries, coconut, and pink petals…yum!   If you can’t decide and wish to try them all, do like me and buy the Spring Collection sampler pack.  You get 25g of all 7 teas.  They are great hot, great cold, and great to share.   And, in case you were wondering, yes…David is a real person.  To learn more about David and his amazing 135 teas go to

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