Do You Love Your Muff?

I love my Muff!  And yes, by my Muff I mean my box, my va-j-j, my cookie, my hooha, my Australia….or whatever other clever name you have for your down there.  I Love My Muff is an amazing new feminine care line.  Founder and Creator Ritz Clinging (how much do we love her name?), had a need and found a solution.  Her collection includes a Clean Wash, Pure Spray, Soft Lotion, and Fresh Wipes all designed to keep you fresh

and clean down there.   The Fresh Wipes are my personal fave.  I love that I can carry them with me in my purse.  They are fab for traveling, after the gym, or any other activity you may do.  So if you love your muff, visit the I Love My Muff website for more info on products and where to buy.  Join the muff revolution!  “it’s no longer a whisper, it’s a statement.” Put new meaning into “freshening up” when you go to the Ladies!

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