Love Your Hairstylist

Over the years I’ve had countless compliments on my hair, and women always asked “Who is your hairstylist?”  This is always a good sign that your hair is working for ya!

I met Liz, my stylist, in a somewhat unusual way about 12 years ago and have entrusted my locks to her ever since.  Back when I lived in the Prairies, I did a bit of modeling.  Liz spotted me modeling in a hair show and approached me to be her model (Yes, Liz is a Prairie Girl too!).  After she showed me the cuts I would receive I agreed to come on board.  You know I must have trusted her right from the get go, because she took me from long blonde hair, to very short red hair and I loved it!  It was the change I always wanted but was too nervous to do.  It was also the opportunity of a lifetime.  My modeling took me to numerous international hair competitions with Liz, all around the world.  I traveled and experienced so much.  We flew to Toronto once a month.  I also got to go to Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Germany, and France.  We did very well often placing at or near the top of the competitions.  It became the norm for me to be rockin the hottest, craziest, most vibrant hair styles going.

After our three year world win adventure, I moved to my current City of Vancouver.  As luck would have it, life brought Liz to Vancouver about 6 months after me moving here, and she is still styling my locks.  She still calls on me for an occasional photo shoot, which I’m always excited to do.   Hair is such a personal thing and a great cut can make you feel so good about yourself.  My best advice for great hair is finding a great stylist and trusting in them.  With Liz, I give her very little direction and she makes me beautiful!  Thanks Liz!

Liz is currently working out of Cabello Salon and Spa on 41st Ave, Vancouver.  Cabello has an amazing group of Stylists and estheticians.

To get a sample of Liz’s talents, here are some pics from our work together:

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