Fab Gifts for Mom

One day a year, we take time to really appreciate our Moms.  I know many of us find it tricky to find the perfect gift for the person who gave us life.   I mean seriously, how do you ever top that gift???  Even though I’m not yet a mother,   I believe it’s the little things we do for our Moms that mean the most to them.  Here a few ideas of little things you can give or do to show just how much the Leading Lady in your life rocks.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the same City as your Mom:

* Take her out for a meal.  Weather it’s brunch, lunch, or dinner she’ll be glad she’s not the one slaving in the kitchen.  Kick it up a notch by arriving with her favorite flowers!

* Mow her lawn, weed her garden, wash her car.  If we learned anything all those years together under the same roof its that they are happy when we’re doing chores.

*  Spend the day with her doing something she loves….shopping, going to the art gallery, going to a game.  Whatever her thing is, make it your thing too for the day!

If you have to send your shout out long distance:

*  Send her flowers.  What woman doesn’t want to get flowers sent to her?

* Mail her a card.  Weather funny or heart felt, find a card that sounds like you, and shows your personality that she loves so much.

* Surprise her with a visit.  My mom lives about 3 hours away.  A few years ago, I called my Dad to make sure they were going to be home for the weekend and then showed up on the front doorstep on Mother’s Day morning with flowers in hand.  I love that I can still surprise my mom!

Weather close or far, you can never go wrong with a hand picked prezzie.  Plus then I get to go shopping!  A gift card to her favourite spa is fab.  One of my fave spas in Vancouver is Beverly’s The Spa on 4th.  A great source of gift inspiration is Ticketmaster.  Check out what’s coming to town…the ballet, Cirque du Soliel, a musical, or concert.   Jewelry is a great way to go.  One of mine and my mom’s jewelry obsessions are our Pandora bracelets.  If you don’t know what these are, you must find out immediately and buy one!   Or  if you have a larger bank account statement than I do, an all expense paid trip for her to get away from it all.  (Oh, just in case you didn’t think of it…make sure that last one is for two.  A ticket for one might make her feel like you’re just sending her away!)

Don’t forget about your Grandmothers…they rock too!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom and Mama (my Grandmother)!  xoxo

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    Liane Cunningham
    May 17, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    I had a fantastic Mothers Day, Beautiful brunch,great company, fantastic weather and a very special gift.
    Thank you, prairiegirl!
    Love Always Mom

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