Classic Style Modern Twist

When it comes to fashion you can’t really reinvent the wheel.  Everything has been seen before or you owned something similar “back in the day”  (whenever that was).   However when  something classic is made  new again, we jump at the chance to update our wardrobe with this “new” must have piece.  Take the menswear inspired shirt dress;  it’s been around a while now.  The lovely Carrie Bradshaw had a shining fashion moment where she wore one of Mr.

Big’s white shirts home belted with a high, sexy pair of Manolo’s.  Well, it’s back again, but this time in denim.  Vancouver label Fidelity Denim has created the perfect easy to wear staple.  The Mansfield Dress is great paired with leggings or on it’s own like Carrie.  The dress retails for $169.

Available at The Urban Rack in Vancouver or go to for a list of boutiques that carry the line.

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