Small Acts of Kindness

Tonight’s commute home after work was a little crazy.  There was bumper to bumper cars, an accident, police, and 3 different cars that had overheated.  Immediately, I put on my IPod to dull my utter annoyance to all the things going on around me, that were delaying me in getting home.  While sitting there in the sun, and the traffic, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a girl about my age driving in her car.  She had beautiful blond hair, and great sunglasses.  As we inched our way along I noticed how pleasant her demeanor seemed…almost smiling.  As we came up to one of the cars that had over heated, she became curious.  We both noticed the elderly man sitting there looking ruffled.  But then she did something I didn’t.  She rolled down her window to try and talk to the man, but he couldn’t hear her.  So, she quickly jumped out of her car to check if he was okay and if he needed any assistance.  He smiled and gave a little wave as if to say ” thank you, but I”m fine.”.  As we approached the next car same thing.  She rolled down her window, smiled at the young woman, and checked that she was okay.

It got me thinking.  In a world where people with questionable moral character like Heidi and Spencer and Kate Gosselin are celebrated for all the wrong reasons and shallow programs like True Beauty and Jersey Shore are given air time, it was nice to see that there are still people out there willing to take time out of their busy day to help a person in need. It was a great reminder to help no matter how small the gesture may seem.

UPDATE – JULY 22:  Today I got to pay it forward!  I had just left my Physio appointment and saw an older, blind gentleman walking down the street.  He was walking very close to the curb and had one hand out and was clearly feeling around for something.  I walked over to him and asked if I could be of any assistance to him.  He was a bit panicked and asked me where the bus-stop was.  I told him he was getting close, but that I would be happy to escort him over if he would like.  He accepted my offer, I took him by the arm and escorted him over to the bus shelter.  He was then calm and thanked me for my help.

I would love to hear from you.  How did you pay it forward?

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