The Perfect Little Bag

I love large purses.  The bigger the better.  They work for me and m

y day to day life.  My purse needs to carry my wallet, Blackberry, make-up, bottle of water, spare shoes, snacks, my notebook, and about a million other things I just can’t live without.   However, when going out on a dinner date with my man or meeting  up with the girls for cocktails, I try to downsize.  Last year I found the perfect little bag for me.   It’s gold, it’s stylish, it’s Coach!  The strap is still long enough that I can carry it over my shoulder, and my essentials get down sized.  For a night out all I need is  some cash, a credit card and ID (what?..I still get checked…occasionally), my lip gloss, my Blackberry, gum ( a must for dins out), and maybe a small perfume to freshen up!

Coach has done this great bag in lots of different colours and even some prints.  It’s a pretty good price too at $98.

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