Designer of the Day: Alvilde David-Andersen

Label: A. D-A jewelry

Theme of your new collection: My collection has a design that plays with nature’s organic shapes — the feminine and romantic combined with the tough, as well as a taut, architectural and sculptural expression.

The new collection is made of polished, frosted and oxidized silver, with different types of stones.

Style icons you most admire: Mary Quant from the 1960s was ahead of her time.

Today, Tilda Swinton is my style icon. Her androgynous style can also change to feminine elegance.

What should every woman have in her jewelry box? I think everyone should have jewelry that they have inherited from their ancestors, such as a grandmother’s cameo. And everyone should have a piece that expresses their personality. It is always wonderful to see someone daring to combine the classic and old with the new and bold.

How has your life been touched by breast cancer? My family has experienced breast cancer, and it is wonderful to see that the increased focus on this terrible disease helps improve research and the chances of recovery. As a part of my loop collection, I made a pink loop-bracelet. By that, I hope to get more people interested in contributing!

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