Designer of the Day: Sermin Sesoren

Label: Sermin Sesoren

Fashion education: Mimar Sinan University School of Art and Design (Istanbul) and Vancouver Community College

Theme of your new collection: Being in tune with your femininity and the goddess inside you. I wanted to remind women that they all are beautiful.

Colours, fabrics and silhouettes in your new collection: Earth tones, faded floral patterns and, of course, texture. Fabrics are cotton, faux leather and chiffon. The silhouettes are form- fitting — feminine with a touch of a raw look to give a primal feel to it.

Three classic, versatile pieces you think belong in every stylish woman’s wardrobe: Fitted black leather or faux leather pants to wear day or night; a sexy, textured sweater to go with the pants; a black, jersey, form-fitting mini- dress that can be worn with leggings/jeans during day or solo at night.

How has your life touched by breast cancer? My grandmother survived her first diagnosis (and had one of her breasts removed), but couldn’t survive the second one at age 85. I admired her strength and passion for life. All women know it could happen to anyone of us. I check for lumps and anything unusual myself, every day.

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