Vancouver Fashion Week – Night Four

Night four of Vancouver Fashion Week was jammed packed with both local and international designers. As always, there was a real mix of spectacle to take in. Some good, some not so good, and some that were just, well…odd.

Vancouver label Papillon Eastern, began their show with a breast cancer survivor modeling the first look. VFW has paired up with the Canadian Breast Cancer Association, so many designer celebrated these women by having them in their show. Papillon Eastern had frocks galore! Short dresses in neutral tones, long floral dresses, and featured details like soft ruffles, sheer fabrics, and brightly colored aztec prints.

Papillon Eastern ...............Click image to see full gallery.

Lori Dawn of Bellingham had a great mix of color and texture. She featured short lace dresses, tweed jackets with satin ties, refined shorts paired with a jacket, and vibrant colors like kelly green and red. I liked her line but was left wondering why she ended the show with a male model wearing a pair of long tweed shorts and body paint on his upper half. It was disjointed from the rest of the show.

Lori Dawn .......................Click image to see full gallery.

Vancouver designer Drew William’s mens and womens collection was unique. For the women he designed pieces in a neutral palette, soft draping, and sheer fabrics. He combined structure, like a fitted pencil skirt, with softness, like a sheer white organza like blouse with a tie belt waist.

Drew William ...................Click on image to see full gallery.

His menswear collection was edgier. For the guys he featured grommeted coveralls, wool motorcycle jackets, and poncho like sweaters paired with shorts. A consistent element throughout both the mens and womens pieces was the idea of over sizing.

Korean designer Ha Sang Beg took a more “artful” approach that honestly left me a bit confused. I felt that line was full of wearable clothes that were detailed and finished in an unwearable way. The line consisted of a kaleidoscope of neon colors, jeweled menswear pieces, and major distressing. The show ended with thunderous applause, but I really didn’t get it. I do understand the idea of fashion being an outlet for creativity and that not all fashion is wearable. Take Hussein Chalayan’s 2009 collection where he designed a cutting edge table that doubled as a skirt. Now this is not exactly wearable, however it was to showcase his talent as an innovative designer and architect. This I get.

Unfortunately, the Ha Sang Beg collection didn’t have the same effect on me.

Ha Sang Beg ....................Click image to view full gallery.

Also from Korea was Doii Lee. Her collection was light, pretty, and the sparkliest show I’ve seen. Her chinoiserie prints were adorned with lace, sequins and shine. Her palettes were just as pretty as the dresses. Greys with soft pinks, yellows with chocolate browns, and one of my favorites, kelly green.

Doii Lee ....................Click image to see full gallery.

The final designer of the evening was Maggie Coulombe from Maui, Hawaii. The inspiration of her collection was “80 Days Around the World”. She started with beautiful soft, sheer, grey knits. She ruched and draped the pieces to give them a real sexy, feminine feel. She also featured soft, silky jersey dresses, tops, and wraps. I personally loved the cocoon like jersey wraps the models wore over the dresses. With this she added leopard prints, fur stoles, corsets, and rich color like fuchsia, amethyst, and red.

Maggie Coulombe ................. Click on image to see full gallery

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