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This is a guest post by Shayla Zalcik.  Shayla is a student at Vancouver College of Art and Design set to graduate this summer.  Shayla is a fellow Prairie Girl and is absolutely in love with fashion writing. She got hooked on fashion from an early age and has been working in the industry ever since.

Did you know 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size? The biggest problem with most popular lingerie stores is their limited size availability, almost all bars start with a 32 inch band and max out at a DD cup size. After working as a specialized bra fitter at Bare Basics Lingerie here in Vancouver, I have a few tips to help you find that perfect fit:

Melody by Empriente

  • Make sure the band is nice and snug because 90% of the support comes from the band. Don’t worry if you have a little bit of flesh sticking out the top, it happens and it looks a lot better when the band is level. Whether you have a 30- or a 46-inch band, if it’s not nice and tight, it’s too big.
  • Next, make sure that you have a lot of length in the straps. Ladies I am barely 5”3 and before realizing that specialty bra stores existed I would put my bra on and automatically hike up the straps to the shortest possible length. Sound familiar? Within a couple of wears, the back band of your bra will creep upwards and the front will fall forward, leaving you looking frumpy and unsupported.
  • Lastly, take a look in the mirror. The center of the bra should sit against the sternum, sung against your chest. Spillage is not necessarily due to wearing the wrong cup size: the type of bra may be too shallow for your breasts, so try another brand.

Whether you are looking for a t-shirt bra, something sexy or a sports

bra, an experienced bra fitter can help you find the perfect fit that will change the way you feel everyday.

A few good finds at Bare Basics Lingerie:

Top Seller, Melody by Empriente ( This bra can be worn under t-shirts and the lace cup is brilliant. Available from a C-F

For something with a little more intricate lace this Haute Couture bra by Chantelle ( is a little treat for you and your man! Available in a B-E and comes with a matching thong, brief or shorty with corset-like lacing down the backside.

Chantelle Haute Couture

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