Guys Guide – Gift Shopping for Your Gal

It’s December and Christmas is only 25 short days away….and that’s only 24 shopping days!  Now guys, I know you thought the gift cards and rainbow toe socks were the perfect prezzie last year, but I think we can do better.  Make it personal, from the heart, and about her.  Girls love that…I do!  Here are some gift ideas for your girl.

1) For the Homebody:

If your girl likes to spend her Friday night cuddled up on the couch with you and a good bottle of wine, get her some cute and cozy PJs.  I recommend Beauty Mark‘s David & Goliath PJ sets.  The $75 price point makes them a bit more luxe!

2) For the Traveler:

If you’re with a girl on the go, get her pretty travel cases for her underthings.  Vancouver’s The Brag Company has created the perfect luggage for her lingerie.  The Brag Bra Bag will prevent dents and creases in her pretty La Perla bras (this means fancy and expensive;-) ) and the Panty Pak will keep her “clean” and “not so clean” panties in their respective spots.  These are available at The Urban Rack and at Diane’s Lingerie and retail for about 50 bucks.

3) For the Girly Girl:

If your gal loves all things pretty and lacie ( and you like them too ), then get her some Hanky Panky panties.  They are truely the best underwear out there and guys…they look hot on!  Available at Beauty Mark, Diane’s Lingerie, and The Urban Rack.

Shown here:
Low Rise Thong Holiday 3-Pack $49
Low Rise Thong Holiday Twinkle Box Ornament $18
Signature Lace Cheeky Hipster $32

4) For the Bookworm:

If your girl stashes literary gems in her handbag, help her add to her collection.  When it comes to books, it can be fun to do something a little different.  Try an antique book in her favorite genre or something a little quirky and offbeat.  Barefoot Contessa has a great selection of practical, fanciful, beautiful and inspirational books (all new).  Or go to a used book store and talk to a staffer about some of the more rare finds they may have.

5) The Fashionista:

If your girl has the latest in fashion and accessories and knows her way around the Chanel showroom, go for a label.  You can go super luxe with a designer handbag ( personal hint if my fella’s reading….I think the Chanel quilt bags are kinda cute;-) )  or you can stay in a more reasonable price bracket and head to Coach.  Coach will give your girl her label fix without you having to  take out a loan!  (6) But for the guys out there who are considering dropping major dough on a handbag, take diva Beyonce’s advice and “If you like it, you should put a ring on it!” cause fellas, that bag is hers for life.

For the Outdoor Chick:

If your lady is heading to the hills at the first sight of snow, think warm knits.  A cozy sweater or gloves are always needed.  But don’t go too practical here.  Think of the apres ski with her bundled in cashmere or try contacting @isntthatknit and see if she’ll whip you up one of her fab infinity scarves.

For the Cook:

Cooking  is not my area of expertise, however I have some fabulous foodie friends who have taken me under their wings to teach me their ways.  I have been told that the gift they always hope for is some fancy olive oil.  Meinhardts has a great selection of olive oils and often sample them.  Kick the gift up a notch with a bottle of infused vinegar.  Vinegar Works from the Okanogan is one of my faves!
200ml bottle – Price range from: $14 – $20

For the Movie Buff:

Get her a classic like Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  To get extra brownie-points add a pretty sleep mask alla Holly Golightly.  Audrey Hepburn’s character wears one in the movie.  It’s the perfect little touch.  Fine Finds in Yaletown has some beautiful vintage looking ones.

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