New Year New Me…Week 1

Well, I’m a week in to my two week cleanse, working out, and eating better.  It’s been a week of ups and downs and I gotta say I’m a little tired, but here’s how my week 1 went.

Day 1:

I’m loving life.  I feel skinnier already.  It feels good to have gone to the gym the last two nights and a yoga class.  Had to deal with a headache this morning, but I’m sure that’s my body dealing with no coffee to kick start my morning.  I weighed myself at the gym tonight and the scale showed that I gained a pound,but whatever.   Can’t wait for tomorrow:-)

Day 2:

I’m the most miserable person alive.  Grumpy, hungry, and tired.  I almost ripped by boyfriends head off for taking too long to toss the salad…sorry Babe, I was a little hungry I guess.  Tonight at the gym I had to listen to these two meat-heads talk about how hard core they are.  They were actually bragging to another meat-head about the fact that they are so dedicated to weights, that they even worked out on Christmas day at 2am.  I want to  smack them.  I weighed myself at the end of my gym work out again tonight and low and behold I’ve gained another pound.  What the hell???  Ok, now I’m getting annoyed.

Day 3:

Started my day with yoga and then off to work.   Bought new Lululemon gear for yoga and gym.  I figure new gear will give me a boost for workouts.  I went with….

Modern Racer Tank

Reversible Groove Pant

Me and my girls reconvened our Wednesday night girls night.  We all behaved with healthy dins….but no wine for me:-(

Day 4:

Very early start to my morning today.  Up at…I don’t even know but it was pitch black outside…to head to physio.  Ten minutes in to my workout all the fire alarms go off in the building and I have to abandon the workout.  This was the start to a rather strange day that involved me helping a straight, married, cross dressing, self proclaimed Drag Queen shop for clothes for his…excuse me her, curvy figure.  Yes, that happened.

Days 5 though 7

are getting better.   I’m getting in to the rhythm of things.  Work outs are better, coffee cravings are lessening, and thanks to an intense massage therapy session, my headaches are getting some relief.    The best part of the week  is…..I’ve lost 3 pounds!  Apparently it’s to be expected to gain a couple pounds near the beginning.  My three pounds I’m down is from my first weigh in on Sunday night when I first got started.  Although 3 pounds doesn’t sound like a lot, my jeans are feeling better and my tummy is feeling flatter.  Plus, I’ve learned to listen to the fitness guru’s and not worry too much about what the scale says.  I’m motivated that what I’m doing is working and that makes going in to week two just a bit easier.

I’ll be back next Monday for another update!

See first post HERE.

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    January 10, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    So happy for you! 3lbs is actually quite a bit in a week and definitely enough to start feeling different. Between my body type and my height I can look really different at -3 lbs (or even a +5)! It doesn’t take much to start seeing change, my only trouble is sticking to it!

    Also, I read a study a while ago that (for women at least) looking good FOR the gym with a good outfit and maybe even a little bit of makeup can actually make you workout harder. You should workout when you’re feeling good and cute, it’s a bigger motivator than working out when you feel gross. Odd, but I can see the logic in that. I’m hitting up Lulu Lemon sometime soon too!

    Lastly, play music while you work out! I read some studies about that too (I am a total nerd, yes) but it does make a huge difference.

    Going to my first boot camp tonight and looking forward to it, looking forward to reading more about your progress too!

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      January 10, 2011 at 8:04 pm

      Thank you for the tips! I’m a huge nerd too, so love all the info:-) I know what you mean about sticking to it. I’m hoping that by setting goals for myself (which I don’t normally do), it will help me stay focused and on task.

      I totally agree about the cute thing. I feel great in my new gear and yoga was just better this morning….less self conscience I guess.

      Thanks for the support and good luck with your boot camp…let me know how it goes:-)

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    January 10, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    I was told there is weight gain at the beginning as your muscles are sore and retaining. Keep it up!!

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      January 10, 2011 at 8:05 pm

      That makes sense and glad I wasn’t just making that up to feel better;-) Thank you!

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    Liane Cunningham
    January 10, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    Congrats, Keep going. You are halarious ( sp.) I myself bought a new purse, I think it makes me look skinny.

    • Reply
      January 10, 2011 at 8:06 pm

      Haha…that’s why I carry big bags. My waistline always seems to go down when carrying one:-)

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