New Year New Me…Week Four

Just a little update on how I’m doing.  Week three was more of the same.  Gym, yoga, and eating right.  It was the final crunch before my sister’s wedding and me needing to fit my bridesmaid dress.

Week four,  I was in Whistler on a week long vacation, went to my sister’s wedding, and battled the flu!

First couple days of the week were spent with the flu.  The flu is never a good time, but I had my sister’s wedding on the Wednesday and was about to start a week long vacation.  I managed to suffer though only a couple of really rough days and then managed with a mega head cold and cough after that.

My sister’s wedding was amazing!

(Blog post and pics to come.)  Happy news though….not only did my sister start an amazing new chapter in her life…I fit into my bridesmaid dress!!!!  Yes, I did it!

Tonight I was back to the gym and was delighted to see that after a week away indulging in cocktails, poutine (x3…don’t judge me), and other delicious indulgence, I managed to maintain my lost pounds.  My first few weeks rev’d up my metabolism so  a week off from the gym and some eating cheating didn’t send me off the rails.  I guess it goes to show you don’t have to starve yourself and go to the gym for two hours everyday to maintain a healthy body.  I’m only human and treats will happen, but knowing that the occasional goody won’t hurt only motivates me further.

Check back next Monday to see how I’m doing working toward getting my body beach ready to head to  Maui in only 30 short days.

What’s your secret to satisfying your need to indulge your guilty pleasure while keeping on track?

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