New Year New Me…Week 5

Week five was an interesting week.  More gym, more yoga, more healthy eating (with some major cheating on Superbowl Sunday).

I started the week feeling pretty good about myself.  My clothes are fitting better and I’m feeling cuter overall.  That was until the night I was working out next to the skinny bitch with a trainer.  Ok granted she was probably only 18 years old, but my god.  There’s nothing  like a tight, young, in shape girl working out next to you to crush your cuteness factor.  After seeing her my arms looked flabby, my butt was huge, and all that cuteness I was rocking about 5 minutes earlier was gone!  Tragic.  My fabulous boyfriend pointed out that she looked like she was working with a trainer as she was probably strength training for something specific. (He guessed figure skater.)  Even he got a little…”A trainer???  Really?  When your that age and clearly in shape?”  So bitter…that’s why I love him:-)

The rest of the week was pretty good, but not much change in my weight.  I seem to be about the same…maybe down a pound.  It’s a little discouraging, but I’ve been trying to focus on the positives.  My clothes are fitting better, my endurance has increased when doing cardio, and I’ve increased my weight I lift at the gym.  After all, this isn’t solely about weight loss, it’s also about getting in to shape and living a healthier lifestyle.

My weight has been fluctuating most of my adult life.  I’ve learned to be happy with what I’ve got and not let the skinny bitches of the world bring me down…too much;-)  But in all honesty, I love you skinny gals too.  Lots of my besties are skinny bitches…just jealous, that’s all.

After looking through some of my pics from the last few years, I also realized I change my hair a lot.

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