Guys Guide to Valentine’s Day

Last week I watched the TV show Cougar Town’s (don’t judge me) Valentine’s Day episode.   As bad as that show can be, the message was pretty good.  Guys, as much as your woman says she hates Valentine’s Day and she doesn’t need to celebrate it…she’s not being totally truthful.  Every women wants to be made to feel special every so often.  Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to do something thoughtful for your gal.   Here is some insight into what we really mean.

She says…” Flowers are such a waste of money.  They just dye right away.”

She means…” Please don’t buy me overpriced half dead roses from the grocery store.  Go to a proper florist and buy me my fave flowers or even better a pretty flowering plant I can keep and maybe even plant outside in the Spring.”

She says…” I hate going out for dinner Valentine’s Day.  It’s always so busy and crowed.”

She means…” I would love to stay in and have a beautiful meal at home with you.”  ( Brownie points if you cook and CLEAN;-) )

She says…” Valentine’s Day is so cheesy.  Who needs a holiday to tell your special someone you love them?”

She means…” Please don’t forget about me on V-Day, but don’t be cheesy.    I don’t want any of the cliche gifts like chocolate, teddy bears, or lingerie….but concert tix or signing us up for a cooking class would be a total surprise!”

A lot of us girls starting hating Valentine’s Day years ago.  It was a coping mechanism for the years we were single. February 15th was alway hell  listening to our non-single girlfriends gush about all the romantic stuff their guy did for them.  But when you’re on the other team, Valentine’s Day doesn’t seem all that bad.

Guys, it really is the thought that counts.  Sometimes little gestures mean the world.  If there’s a movie she’s been wanting to see but it’s not your thing, take her to it.  If there’s a band she loves, get her tix to their next concert.  And yes, some of us like the cheese.  Gushy cards, heart shaped boxes filled with sugary sweet chocolate, and gorilla stuffed animals that sing “Wild Thing”.  (Note to my fella…I’m not one of these girls…ok,well maybe a little 😉 )  And guys, don’t worry…we’ll repay the gesture.

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