Inspiration Is All Around

I often get asked what inspires my wardrobe choices.  So many things inspire me whether I’m shopping for duds or deciding what to wear in the morning.

 I have a little list of rules for myself..

1) I must be comfortable.  Not just in the way the outfit physically feels on, but also in how I feel in it.  Days where I’ve maybe tried to hard to make an outfit work or if I’ve gone way outside my personal style, I tend to fidget and fuss all day long.   It kinda throws my whole day off.

2)  I have a rule of three when it comes to color.  One color head to toe can be very pretty and sophisticated.  Two colors can look a little matchy matchy…but three colors?…three colors is visually interesting.  The three colors need to coordinate, but matching is not necessary.

3) Then there are all the other factors….whats the weather doing?, am I having a fat day or a skinny day? (you know we all have them), and what does my day en-tale? (long work day? meetings? event after work?)

4)  The most important rule I have that I have lived by for years is I dress my body type.  Once you get passed the number on the inside of the label and work with what you’ve got (and we’ve all got good bits to work with) getting dressed becomes a whole lot easier. Learn what silhouettes suit you, what colors flatter you, and how to accentuate your assets.

5) And if all else fails, I seek out inspiration.  I read magazines, check out my fave blogs, and since I’m surrounded by stylish women, they inspire me regularly.  Here are some great pics from always inspirational The Sartorialist blog.  Hmm…what to wear tomorrow?

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