Something to Love & Something to Hope For

Last night was my and my fiance’s engagement party.  It was a great night of family, friends, and the most amazing feast that my (Italian) Mother-In-Law to be put together.

Of coarse when I get together with my girls, talk quickly goes to something fashion related.  Last nights topic was appropriately wedding dresses…specifically my wedding dress.  I can’t really get into the details of my own dress for obvious reasons (No Hunny, you’re not getting any hints), but let’s talk bridal fashion.

It has been so much fun trying on and looking at different dresses online and in magazines.  Sure, there are still tons of horrific looking wedding gowns out there that no bride should go near.  You know the ones, gigantic balls of white fluff that make you look like a cake topper.  However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the selection of less traditional and more fashion forward choices.  Of coarse Vera Wang had been an inspiration in this category.

Although her gowns were a little out of my budget, I still indulged and tried on a few of her designs.  I love how she tends to stay away from traditional white.

 She shows brides how to be beautiful all while wearing beautiful hues like ivory, oatmeal, blush, and  grey’s.  I also love her use of texture and abstract floral influence.

Her gowns feel like a fairy tale.  It’s romance at it’s best!

The grand essentials
to happiness
in this life are
something to do,
something to love,
and something to hope for.

– Joseph Addison

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