10 Ways to Spot a Fashion Hipster

On an episode of  Happy Endings (a new comedy  TV series I’m loving), they did a show on hipsters.  I absolutly loved how they characterized a hipster and played on all the stereotypes.  I laugh everytime I watch this!

Happy Endings video

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There are all different types of hipsters.  They can be interested (or probably uninterested) in different fields.

 Often they are tied to the arts scene…music, food, art, and of course, fashion.  The fashion hipster has been a growing breed in recent years.  After watching this episode of Happy Endings, I realized I’ve been affected and even ridiculed by this new face in fashion.  Here are my 10 ways to spot a fashion hipster.

  1. Loves vintage clothing.  I’m not talking pretty vintage frocks that need a little DIY tailoring.  The hipster would go for a pair of high waisted 80’s style  pants with a simple white blouse, but finish off the look with designer shoes to give them their fashion edge….in an ironic way (but never Louboutin’s, because that would be “trying too hard”).

  3. Their overall image looks like it’s been taken straight from an American Apparel poster, but of course they hate American Apparel for commercializing the hipster image.

  5. A Hipster usually hates anything mainstream… like Anthropologie.

  7. The attitude is what makes the hipster.  As much as I appreciate their oh-so-cool ways, sometimes the attitude is there to make others feel less then.  Mainstream fashion or anything of the moment is too predictable and lame.  It is this that I have the hardest time relating to.  I’m a bit of a “Polyanna”…can’t we all just get along?

  9. Their style icons are often as offbeat as they are.  The list usually includes celebs like Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, and Florence Welch.  They love these women for their unconventional beauty, and unique and bold style choices, and all others are usually lame. For the record, good style, is good style so, I also adore all these women.

  11. They usually like to point out others that don’t fit their mold, as fashion victims.  According to some, I have committed many fashion crimes by simply wearing what I like and what fits my body.  Can you imagine wearing something because you like it and it looks good on you?

  13. They will never wear high end denim and think those who have bought into the concept are suckers.  (I agree that high end denim is pricey, but when you’ve got a big  juicy rump like me, it’s the only thing designed to contain it.  Plus, they really do look great!) Also, high end denim and the reason behind the high price point, is similar to the principals of any other high cost designer duds: quality of material, craftsmanship, and design.

  15. In years past the fashion world was very exclusive. Now that social media has made it’s way into the industry, everything fashion has become more accessible. This make the fashion hipster very angry. Cliquey by nature they’ll often keep a tight bubble of hipsters so as to fend off other non hipster intruders.

  17. They are very educated in the industry.  This gives them their power.  If anyone was to question a comment or an opinion they’d have plenty of “accurate” info to back it up.

  19. Anything girly or conventionally pretty is not for them.  Things like make-up for formal events is just too predictable (a natural face and bright red lips is much more ironic.)

Now, while I’m not usually one for labels (unless designer of coarse), I couldn’t help but share this one.  If I had to give myself a label it would be Fashion Geek.  I’m the fashionista that uses my humor and knowledge of fashion to save people from themselves.  Fashion is a serious business, but should be fun.  How would you label yourself?

While I can appreciate  the Fashion Hipster for their tell-it-like-it-is-attitude, unique style (as it is so different from me), and passion for the industry,  it would be nice to see a little more open mindedness and a little less hostile approach to expressing their opinions.  There is no need to cut down another’s opinion to get your own across.

Some of the loveliest, non-hipster, fashion and lifestyle  bloggers that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting are Kelsey of  The Anthology,  Miss Melissa, and Chloe of  This Girls City.  These ladies are beautiful inside and out and inspire me with their creativity and style.

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  • Reply
    June 1, 2011 at 10:17 am

    hahahaha I LOVED the hipster episode of Happy Endings. Amazing.

    I know that this was meant to be humorous but there is definitely truth into everything you’ve said. It’s sad that we can’t just be ourselves sometimes because it might be judged.

    and thanks for the super sweet mention. You’re way too kind.


  • Reply
    June 6, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    lol that video is funny! there’s a generation of hipsters every decade – the emos, the hipsters, the goths, the punks, the grunge kids. Too funny.

  • Reply
    June 28, 2011 at 7:48 am

    Very informative article. I have always had a somewhat offbeat approach to fashion (was definitely into most of the other fashion subcultures mentioned by Liv above whenever they were in fashion), but I confess the excessive self-importance and exclusion of outsiders is what has kept me away from getting too involved with hipsters, even though I also love and admire their creative approach to fashion. I mean, even most of the goths I knew when I was going through that phase were actually very friendly and welcoming once you could get past the scary exterior. I think at this point I’d rather experiment with my own ideas in clothes than have to completely distance myself from anything that the snobs decide I should (sounds almost like a cult when I think about it that way).

    While I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about hipsters from those outside their subculture, one thing I’ve yet to see is much info on how to deal with interaction with them, or does that tend to take care of itself as they distance themselves from others anyway?

    • Reply
      June 28, 2011 at 9:12 pm

      In my experience, I’ve had a hard time interacting with hipsters because, as you said, they tend to distance themselves. I consider myself to be a friendly person and will strike up a conversation with almost anyone. However, my warmth is usually considered “trying too hard” by the hipster and the dialogue ends.
      Thank you for your comments Kujaku:-)

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