Style Crush of the Week: Lauren Hutton


A little bit of a style throwback this week.  I have had a style crush on this lady for many many years now.  When I first started modeling my Mom worked at a model agency.  There was a huge fashion show and gala happening and Lauren Hutton was the guest of honour.  My Mom had the amazing job of driving around with Lauren for the day in a limo doing some shopping and sight seeing.   Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet her.  ( I guess my Mom thought it would be tacky to have the limo come by my school…and she’s right.  It would have been.)  Lauren was sweet enough to sign an autographed photo for me.  It hung framed in my bedroom until I moved out of my parents house.   Such a fashion icon.

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    March 12, 2013 at 8:18 am

    She is a beauty!!!!

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