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Many of us have mastered the art of  being social online.  We tweet our thoughts, Instagram  our lives, and Facebook with new and old friends.  It’s a wonderful way to stay connected and network.  Unfortunately due to us constantly being plugged in and connected, we are missing opportunities to connect with people when we meet/see them face to face.

At a recent event, a group of us were chatting and catching up.  It was interesting to see that a couple of those “participating” in the conversation were not really present at all.  They were completely consumed with being social online.  With their heads down and fingers rapidly posting photos and socializing with people in the room….online.

To make sure this person isn’t you at a future event, here are Five Ways to Keep Things Social:
1) Take your event photos and post them when you aren’t speaking with anyone or even after the event.
2) Take the time to say “hi” to people you may only know from online.  It’s not that scary, I promise.
3) Be sure to mingle.  Work the room.  Say hello to the store owner or host(ess) of the event.  Introduce yourself and make sure they know you are there while you’re there.  (There is nothing worse than seeing on social media that someone came to your event but didn’t bother to say hello.)
4) Ask questions.  Take advantage of the face to face time you are getting with your industry peers.  A real conversation with a few thoughtful questions is so much more worthwhile then superficial chats about the weather.
5) Eat the food.  I have been to so many events where everyone is afraid to eat the food.  Unless you have a food allergy or truly dislike the cuisine, it’s polite to drink or eat a little something.  Would you go to a friends for a cocktail or dinner party and refuse to eat?

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    September 18, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    I have to agree with you on that everyone is plugged into the social media making us talking to a person through the phone. You should check out my fashion blog

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