Beach Party

Beach Party
These warm Summer days have me planning for days at the beach.  It is possible that some of these “days at the beach” will in fact be my backyard around a turtle kiddie pool with a fruity umbrella drink, but hey, that’s fun too.  For the days I find myself going to the actual beach, I imagine it to look a bit like this.
I’ve never been a shorts girl.  I love them, but we’ve never really got along.  Sooo, instead I gravitate toward easy, casual skirts.  Light weight tees and tanks {with bathing suit hiding underneath}, fun sunnies, a giant bag, flip flops, and a few fun accessories are all I need.  That’s the joy of Summer fashion, it’s meant to be easy.  Beauty Note: If I haven’t already mentioned it like a million times, dry shampoo is a must.  I love the Batiste Exotic Tropical for the Summer or warm weather vacays.  Throw it in your bag and freshen up your look wherever you go.  And Ladies, sunscreen please.  Now, get your cute but to the beach!

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