Herschel Kids


bags: c/o Herschel Supply , dress: vintage, coat & boots: Old Navy, headband: H&M

Spring is just around the corner!  No really…it is.  It’s been hard to get that Spring feeling with all the snow and cold weather we’ve been experiencing, but it is on its way.  We have been taking advantage of any days that feel a bit more like Spring.  We been going for walks, making trips to the park, and going for coffee.  These are the easiest types of outings for us these days.  Last week I surprised Madelyn with a Mommy date and the two of us went to see the movie Ballerina.  It was a great movie and a great date!

Can we talk about how adorable this new kids collection from Herschel is?  Maddie, of course, loves the yellow lemon print as yellow is her favourite colour.  “Mama, it matches my yellow dress!  The one you wore when you were little.”  It’s true!  The pretty little yellow knit dress was knit for me by my grandmother.  I love how happy she is when she puts it on.  I feel a bit in limbo with my own wardrobe these days, but Maddie’s is on point!  If you can’t tell from the pictures,  she loves this outfit.  She instantly started posing, jumping, and dancing when we got outside to snap some pics.  Well, after she fell down the stairs outside, cried her eyes out, I hugged and cleaned her up, and gave it a second attempt.  That’s real life!  Find the backpack here. Find the lunch box here.

We are going to be heading to Victoria this week for Spring Break to hang out with my family.  This will be our first trip as a family of five. Yikes! I’ll be prepping the next couple of days and doing my best not to pack the world.   Madelyn, will be bringing her new little Herschel bags that she will be filling with snacks and some treasures.  I’m guessing these treasures will include her Paw Patrol toys, books, colouring, and her baby which has to come everywhere.  Since her baby sisters have been getting so many new things, it’s special for her to have some new things all her own.

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