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Five Tips To Edit Your Wardrobe

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As some of you may know, I have started selling some lovely items from my closet as well as some thoughtfully selected thrift and vintage items.  As someone who has been making the move to shop in a more ethical way and include second hand items in my own closet, I found it more challenging to find cute items for the size 10+ crowd.  I figured I couldn’t be the only one looking for this option.  I also wanted to find good homes for my own items that either no longer fit or don’t quite fit my current lifestyle.  So, I created my secondary Instagram page @jenpistorcloset as a way to connect women with great second hand/vintage items that are geared more towards woman size 10+, like me.  This pretty blue and white dress is one of the pieces I currently have listed for sale.  As my post baby bod continues to shift and change, I have found this dress to just be a bit big on me.  It’s a beautiful full length, and can easily be knotted for a shorter hem line.  It’s such a carefree piece for Spring and Summer.

Speaking of Spring, I’m sure if you’re like me, Spring cleaning is in full effect in your home.  I know I spent the new year Marie Kondo’ing my home and having an edited wardrobe with only items I love has made getting dressed so much simpler.  If you’re struggling with how to get started, here are some of my own tips on how to get a wardrobe that works for you.


5 Tips to Edit Your Wardrobe:

1)  Try it on.  If you have pieces you are convinced you love but really haven’t worn in the past year, give it a try. Check the fit and feel of the garment.   Ask yourself why haven’t you worn it.  There is no use in hanging onto pieces just because you might wear it again one day.

2) Get rid of multiples.  Do you have 4 pairs of black sandals and 5 grey tank tops that all pretty much look the same?  Chances are you have a fave or two that are your go-tos.  Keep those and consign or donate the extras that are just ok.  {Have friends who are the same size as you?  Clothing swaps are another fun way to purge some old and update your closet with new-to-you items.}

3) Organize and take inventory of your basics.  If you were to have nothing but basics in your wardrobe, you would be just fine.    You don’t need a million of them, but have ones that are good quality and fit you well.  Edit out ones that are dated, ill fitting, pilling, or just plain worn out and beyond repair.   And for those wondering just what are considered basics, these are your wardrobe builders.  My list of basics for Spring/Summer includes….t-shirts, tank tops, a pair of cut offs,   a lightweight pant, jeans, joggers, cardigan, sweatshirt,  simple black dress, sandals, runners, and a great goes-with-everything bag.

4) Sort out your style items.  These are the pieces that make your style, personal.   For Spring my style pieces will include an easy skirt , a pretty blouse or two, a flowy dress, a couple of interesting pull over sweaters, a kimono,  a statement bag, a pair of mules, and my beloved silver hoop earrings.

5) Shop smarter.  This might sound like a strange tip when we are talking about purging.  The thing I have come to realize is that if I am to have a more ruthless and realistic eye, when it comes to shopping, I end up with a closet of items I love and actually wear.  Loved clothes last.  So much of what you need to curate your perfect Spring/Summer wardrobe is already in your closet.  For those items you’re missing that you know will just complete your wardrobe, try thrifting, shopping online curated thrift (like from me;) , local sustainable brands, or even swapping with friends before going to your old faithful shopping haunts.

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dress: I’m selling second hand over at @jenpistorcloset on Instagram $25 + $9 flat rate shipping (in Canada only)
bag: purchased at The Urban Rack
wooden giraffe bangle: I’m selling second hand over at @jenpistorcloset on Instagram $10 + $2 shipping (in Canada only)

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