sustainable underwear
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Six Pairs of Underwear You’ll Want to Wear and Some Bras Too

sustainable underwear

Several months back, I went on a mission to find underwear that fit, that I felt good in, and that were comfortable to wear.  I also wanted to move away from toxic companies like Victoria Secret, who’s former CEO had made it clear, their products aren’t for trans or plus-sized women.  I truly believe we get to vote with our dollars, so I did not want my vote to go to a company who is “selling a fantasy” and has no fu*%ing idea who their customers are.

My first stop was Knix because, HELLOOOO!  Have you seen their ad campaigns???  I have never felt more seen or represented.  This company legit gave the middle finger to Victoria Secret, and soared to popularity because of it.  Now this is a brand I can get behind.  Their underwear definitely fit into one criteria of my undergarment needs (seam free, leak proof, and thigh savers for the win!!!) , but I had other needs to fill too.

My next steps were to find some underthings that were made of natural fabrics, offered comfort, and preferably from companies that had sustainable practices and showed their garments on a diverse group of bodies.  Guess what?  I found some!  I actually found multiple ones, so I’m here to share what I’ve found.

Speaking of campaigns…I am so incredibly proud to be a part of Free Label‘s #distancemakesusstrongercampaign !  My husband snapped these pics for me for my first socially distanced photoshoot.  Myself along with three other Babes snapped pics and shot try on videos to make your shopping experience easier.  Free Label will be sharing these videos over the next couple of weeks over on Instagram.

As I find more brands and styles that are share worthy, I will update my list.

Earth and Elle: The Everyday High-rise Boyshorts
Size Range: S-XXL
What I like: All of their pieces are sewn locally her in the Vancouver.  They use natural, sustainable fabrics like hemp and organic cotton.  Their items are soft, require no special washing, and are very breathable.
Price Point: $32.95-$34.95
Review:  I always used to buy and wear boy shorts, but as the years have gone on, and my body has changed, I have found them to be to low and always riding up my bum.  This has all changed now with this amazing high rise cut by Earth and Elle.  They are a dream to wear!  Just put them on and no need to adjust.  They stay in place and offer amazing breathability, plus the colours are perfect.

Free Label :   The Breathable Full Cheek Coverage Underwear
Size Range: XS – 4X ( I wear the XL )
What I like: They stay in place but don’t dig in.  The higher rise.  The full bum coverage.
Price Point: Approx. $50 CAD (These are not yet released but will be available later in May.  Sign up for Free Label’s newsletter to be the fist to know.)
Review:  Pop over to the Free Label Instagram page (@free.label) for my video try on and review.  It’s saved in the #distancemakes Highlight.

Knickey : The Comfy Everyday Underwear
Size Range: XS – XL (I wear the XL.  I have found they have relaxed a bit with wear.  I might order the Large next time to compare. )
What I like: The high rise.  That they are made of organic cotton.  The comfort for everyday wear.
Price Point: $18.33 CAD
Review: Ridiculously comfortable and they have become my everyday underwear.  I love the feel of them.  They are organic cotton, so very breathable.  I have the the high rise briefs and really like the coverage.  I have had a couple of quality issues with them.  On a couple of pairs the elastic waistband has separated a bit from the panty.  I have just sewn them and continued wearing them.  I have also experienced some pilling on the elastic waistband.  I still love the feel and fit of them and would buy them again.  Made in the USA.

Huha : The Good For Your Vagina Underwear
Size Range: XS – 2XL (or as they say…plum to pineapple!)
What I like: Silky smooth fabric.  They don’t roll down under my mommy tummy.  Their underwear is made from breathable fabric that is infused with zinc oxide.  This makes the fabric resist odour as well as infection causing bacteria.
Price Point: $25 CAD
Review: I don’t currently own any Huha underwear…yet.  I did, however, work with them as one of their fit models and did product testing for them.  I am usually a full bum coverage kind of gal, but their cheeky undies have my heart. (Well, my bottom, actually.)  They are so comfortable to wear.  They washed like a dream.  (No pilling!) They stayed put.  There was no rolling down under my tummy and my booty looked cute, if I do say so myself.  I even liked their thong undies!  First thong I have found comfortable since having babies.  This company is brand new and about to launch their official website soon.  Did I mention that this is also a Vancouver based, woman run brand???  It is!

Knix : The No Panty Line + Good For Your Period Underwear
Size Range: S – XXL ( I own both XL and XXL.  I find them to be a small fit and prefer the feel of the XXL.)
What I like:  I find them the perfect thing to wear for photoshoots or any time I don’t want VPL (visible panty lines).  I find them much more comfortable since sizing up to the XXL.  My XL’s tended to slide down under my tummy.  They offer up undies for leakage control and for your period too.  My favourite item they carry are my thigh saver shorts.  I wear them under all my skirts and dresses.  No more chub rub!!!
Price Point: $23-$42 CAD
Review:  This is the only brand I’m featuring who’s underwear is made out of synthetic fabrics.  This is also a Canadian based, woman run and operated  company.  Their campaigns are powerful and very inclusive.  I’m hoping they will continue to grow their size categories.  As I am at the top end of their sizing, there is a lot of room for growth there.

Hernest : The Good To Sleep In Underwear
Size Range: XXS – XXL ( I wear the XL )
What I like:  They have used their delicious fabric for sleepwear, for their underwear.  The cut is really cute and they don’t dig in.  These would be great paired under a loose fitting Summer dress too.  They are so incredibly soft.
Price Point: $39 CAD
Review:  I have had the pleasure to work as a brand ambassador for Hernest and to model for them.  They offer up beautiful, sustainable, sleep and loungewear.  Their underwear was designed for those who like to sleep in their undies and a t-shirt.  I’m a PJ kind of girl, but I really do love the feel of these undies.  I still wear them under my loungewear and PJ’s.  So breathable and comfortable.


sustainable underwear

Let’s quickly talk bras.  They are the thing we all love to hate to wear.  They bind.  They dig in.  They squish and shape us in unnatural ways.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  Over the past few years, I have moved away from traditional underwire bras.  That’s right!  I’ve gone wireless!  I have three brands I  now wear and find amazingly comfortable for my everyday wear.  They are….

Earth and Elle:  You may notice that all three of my current bra brand picks are also in my list of undies.  Ya like what cha like.  My Earth and Elle bra is The Comfort Bralette.  It has no hardware, just slip it on.  In my experience, it offers up a medium level of support.  It’s not anything I’d be wearing out for a jog, but I wear it all day long and find it supportive enough.  For reference, I wear a 36DDD and I’m in the XL bra.

Free Label: These bras are game changing.  A bold statement, I know, but absolutely true.  The comfort is out of this world and the support is perfect.  I own the Thompson bra (low support but great at home), two of the Andie Bras (medium support and a great everyday bra), and the Becky bra (pictured here in these pics, it’s very supportive and a great option for larger busts).  I am often asked if the under band rolls up on me.  On me, it doesn’t.  I find it rides up and tucks under my boobs, but it’s what I find most comfortable for me 40 year old boobs.  These guys have become a fan favourite (the bras, not my boobs…haha), so they do tend to sell out quickly.  My advice would be to sign up for their newsletter so you are notified first when they offer their next pre-sale.

Knix: This was the brand that first moved me away from underwire bras.  I have a couple of their Evolution bras (which are reversible) and like them the most out of any of their bras that I have tried.  I do find their sizing a bit tricky to navigate and have purchased a few bras now that are too small. I’ve bought bras extenders for a couple of them and gave one to my sister.  The two original bras I have are still in rotation for the times I want or need a more traditional looking bra to wear.

One more to keep an eye on, although I have not tried it myself, is the newest creation from Nettle’s Tale. They have created a piece called The Bonnie Top which is both a sports bra and a swimwear top AND it’s reversible!  It is also made of 92% recycled polyester and 8% spandex.  The size range is Small to 3X.  You can find it here.

sustainable underwear

sustainable underwear

sustainable underwear

bra + undies: gifted from Free Label for their #distancemakesusstrongercampaign
tee: purchased from Free Label

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