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Three Questions With Mya of Kokom Scrunchies

indigenous owned business


I am so excited to introduce you to Mya, the creator behind Kokom Scrunchies. Mya Beaudry is a talented 11 year old Algonquin from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation. Since starting Kokom Scrunchies in the fall of 2019, Mya has always ensured that all Kokom Scrunchies are handmade with love in Canada. Mya named each of the original Kokom Scrunchies after Indigenous role models in her life. She says she hopes to inspire others in her journey. What started off as an idea, has taken Mya on path of bringing Kokom Scrunchies to everyone, young and old.  I recently purchased some scrunchies for my three Girls and they are absolutely beautiful!

Hello Mya! Could you please introduce yourself, and tell us a little about you and your beautiful brand.
Kwey I’m Mya Beaudry and I’m the CEO and founder of Kokom Scrunchies. I am 11 years old and Algonquin from Kitigan Zibi First Nation.
1) What inspired you, at such a young age, to start your own business?
Originally Kokom Scrunchies started as a fundraiser because I wanted to host a youth dance competition and giveaway at the pow wow within my community. When I reached my financial goal I decided to turn into a business in March 2020 using Shopify.
indigenous owned brand
2) Of all the products you have created, which are you most proud of and why?
There is two: First is the original Kokom Scrunchies collection because each of them are named after strong Indigenous women which happen to be my role models and people who inspire me.
Second is the Bucket hat: I designed this and I love it and I’m so proud of it, actually they sold out in less then 2 hours and I’m in the process of restocking them.
floral bucket hat
3) What are your future plans and goals for Kokom Scrunchies?
My future plans is to start a clothing line and my goals for Kokom Scrunchies is to build a workshop to employ other youth in my community and to have them in stores all over the world.
indigenous owned brand
You can find all of Mya’s beautiful pieces for sale on her website here , and be sure to give her a follow on Instagram @kokom_scrunchies  

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