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Why Ultra Fast Fashion Brand Shein Is The Worst

I want to start this conversation off by first saying, if you have bought from Shein before, YOU are not the worst.  That is not what this post is about.  This is about a big corporation and their contribution to a Global issue.  We as individuals are not the ones solely responsible for changing the fashion landscape.  Governments and big business are the ones responsible.  However, if like me, you are wanting to know more about the fashion evils plaguing…

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mindful donations
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What To Do With Clothes Once You Are Done With Them

A very big contributor to our global, heaping, landfill crisis is clothing.  Usually cheap, fast fashion, clothing that has been worn less than 7 times and is now considered garbage by the purchaser.  So the best thing to do with your unloved clothing once you no longer want or need that items is to donate it.  Right?  Well, not really. There are many reasons we donate or dispose of our clothing.  Some of these reasons include: They may no longer…

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Kantamanto Market
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Have You Heard of Kantamanto Market?

Kantamanto Market is the largest secondhand market in the world.  Located in Accra, Ghana, it is the place where our donated castoffs are sent.  It is estimated that only about 10% of donated clothing is actually sold in our local communities.  Whatever doesn’t sell is packed into bales and shipped to the Global South.  So let’s do a quick breakdown of how the system works.  We donate our unwanted clothing items to our local thrift shop. Unsold items are packed…

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