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My Green Gift Guide

I read recently, in Forage and Sustain‘s Sustainable Gift Guide, that 90% of products that are returned during the holiday season get trashed. Trashed! It’s more expensive for the big box stores and giant fast fashion chains to dispose of these items rather than try to resell them.  That’s a lot of waste.  Our goal should be to try to avoid returns at all costs.  Returns hurt small shops bottom line, and the big guys send it to landfill.  I’m…

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9 Mindful Gift Ideas For Humans

If you’re like me, I still have about, ummmm, like 90% of my Christmas shopping to do. I don’t know what happened this year, but I am not as organized as I normally am. The good news, is that we are both cutting back on how much we are giving and receiving gift wise and we are taking our time to come up with thoughtful, mindful gifts for our family and closest friends. If you’re still needing some ideas and…

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