Friday Five: 5 Shows You’ll Find On My PVR


If you were to view the list of shows I have regularly recorded on my PVR, here’s what you’d find…

Even though Girls has already had their season finale, I figure I can re-watch the season over the Summer to get my fix.

I love Zooey’s character, Jess.  I find her strangely relatable and adore her quirky ways.  Although truth be told, I think Nick would be my fave on the show.

The Following is an awesome new show this year.  Its dark and twisted and every episode is like a movie.  Very exciting to watch.

Hot men, pretty women, and country music is what Nashville is all about.  Lots of drama and an a huge amount of talent on the show.  I completely adore the two little girls on the show.  They have the most incredible voices.  Check them out on YouTube here.

I have loved this show since it first aired.  It’s about as silly of a show as you can get.  I’m always up for a giggle.

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