Fun and Games


Backyard BBQ’s and picnics in the park are becoming  faded memories of a wonderful summer spent with our family and friends.  Now with earlier sunsets and cooler nights, the fun is heading indoors.

We are so lucky to have some of our good friends just live blocks away from us.  Now with a little one in tow, “nights out” become a family outing not too far from home.  Recently we had one of our usual casual get togethers planned.  The kids get a chance to play before putting them to bed, then the adults visit, drink wine, and catch up on life.   This time we decided to bring some games along.  Our night turned into a lot of laughs and will be a new cold weather go-to for socializing.  Game On!

Thank you to Mattel for sending me these awesome games!  #GameTimeCAN

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