Easy Like Christmas Morning


I can’t believe that it is only nine days until Christmas!  This past weekend made everything feel especially Christmas-y.  On Friday night we finally went and got our tree.  On Saturday we took Maddie to see Santa.  She was so excited to go see him  UUUnitil it was her turn.  She was then terrified and wouldn’t show her face.  It was buried in my shoulder and held on to me like she was on a roller coaster.  So, a family pic with Santa it was.  We then went out for lunch and spent the afternoon decorating our tree and the rest of the house.  On Sunday we attended the Nordstrom Family Skate and took Maddie skating for the first time.  She loved it!  Her exact words were “MORE!”.   After, we hit up the grilled cheese food truck and headed home.  It was a great weekend!

Christmas Day is bound to be a bit more magical than last year as Maddie is now two and is starting to grasp bits and pieces of the season.  There are so many things about Christmas day that I’m looking forward to like being comfy cozy at home with my family.  These new leggings from Du North Designs are uber comfy.  For our quiet Christmas, these leggings with a long sweater and thick socks will make the perfect outfit to make merry in.

Nine Things I’m Looking Forward to on Christmas Day

1) Time to unplug from the outside world and wrap myself with my family.
2) Rum & eggnogs before noon.
3) Christmas movies.
4) Feasting. I’d love to say eating, but it truly is feasting.
5) The early morning and the twinkling tree.
6) Stockings. To this day I love stockings. Little treasures.
7) The giving. I adore giving gifts. I love to take the time to think of thoughtful, meaningful gifts, or doing some DIY gifting and/or baking.
8) Not having anything I “have to do” other than cook with my family.
9) Spending the day at home and only going out if we feel like a walk.

Outfit details:
leggings: c/o Du North Leggings
sweater: H&M
socks: Palm Springs purchase


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