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My goal for myself for 2016, was to simplify all different aspects of my life.  One of these aspects being my wardrobe.  I’ve been filling bags with items I’m no longer wearing (and haven’t been for a while) and taking note of the things I love to wear.  If you can’t determine what you love in your closet by staring at everything, try this…
1) Take a look at your laundry.  Chances are, these are the things you wear over and over again.
2) If you were going on a trip, what would you pack?
3) Try stuff on.  It’s amazing when we go to put things on, how we realize there is a reason we don’t wear certain items.  Weather it’s because it doesn’t fit, needs repair, or you simply don’t like it, you may want to consider purging it from your closet.
Another thing I find helpful is to create a mood board {like the one above}.  This mood board is representative of the items I wear all the time.  The pieces I grab to throw on when I’m in rush, which is a good majority of the time, and the pieces I’m literally wearing EVERYDAY.  Clearly my life is quite casual.  I’m in the jeans, tee, and a sweater phase of my life.  While we obviously need a little variety in our wardrobe, keep your mood board in mind when both purging items from your closet and when shopping for new items.  Having a realistic view of our lifestyle is key.  Back in the Fall I fell in love with this beautiful powder blue sleeveless wool trench.  It was gorgeous, well priced, and fit like a glove.  It almost came home with me, but when I stopped to think about all the different scenarios as to where I would wear it, sadly, the list was short.  I also had visions of little hot chocolate hands being wiped down the side of it while at the grocery store one day.  So, as much as it hurt in the moment, that pretty coat stayed in the store.
I’ll be sharing more on my closet and wardrobe simplifying.  How do you keep your wardrobe under control?

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