My, shop my own closet, goal has been going well.  A couple of new pieces have been added to the wardrobe this year, but only to fill in a few casual day to day needs.  I  had some thread bare / worn to death items that needed to be replaced.  This was one of those outfits that came together on a casual sunny weekend day of errands.  Layers are a must on the West Coast, and something that really flatters most figures.  It’ was kind of an odd mix with plaid, denim, stripes, and a splash of leopard print, but somehow it all just works.

For so long I would shop and buy things I felt like I “should” own.  I used to stock up on stilettos, whatever the latest and greatest accessory of the moment was, and I had more pairs of jeans that one girl really  needs.  When you’re a blogger or work in the fashion industry is any way, there is this weird pressure you put on yourself to always be wearing something new.  I’m really not a fan of wearing something once or twice though and then see that item collecting dust on a hanger, because it’s not a realistic item for my lifestyle.  I am really fortunate that there are some amazing brands out there that I get to work with that offer up exactly the styles I like to wear for my everyday.  I have also made some great buying decisions over the years, because I have loads of pieces I love that I have definitely worn 50+ times.

A shopping rule I have adopted is asking myself if I will wear the item 30+ times. If the answer is no, I leave it on the rack. Your closet needs to be full of amazing items you love!  This also makes getting dressed in the morning a quick and easy process.  If you love everything, you’ll never make a bad choice.  

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