So far, 2016 has been a year of improvement for me.  I have been making lots of little changes to my everyday with my health and the Earth in mind.  Fashion has been a big part of this change.  I have been wearing all the lovely things already in my closet, introduced thrifting into my shopping, and I’ve been purchasing items from locally made labels when possible.  At my own online shop, West + Wind, we have just today launched a Thrift Tee shop.  This section offers up a curated collection of previously loved graphic tees that still embody the vibe of West+Wind.  We are also currently sourcing new eco fabrics for our tees.  Stay tuned for more info.

 This beautiful bag arrived on my doorstep at just in time for Earth Day.  I have been wearing items from Canadian label BRAVE Leather for over 10 years.  I adore their products!  It’s clear their style is on point, but here are some other reasons to love them….

  • Made in Canada: Started by Scott Irvine 24 years ago, BRAVE is the exception to mass, overseas production rule. Each bag, belt and cuff is made-to-order by hand in Toronto, Canada by a domestic and highly skilled labour force.
  • Non-Toxic: BRAVE uses an environmentally-friendly and ancient form of tanning called vegetable tanning. Instead of using chromium salts, vegetable tanning uses tannin, a naturally occurring chemical in many trees and plants. Chrome tanning is practiced by 90 per cent of the industry and produces waste that has a high potential for becoming carcinogenic chromium which has been known to contaminate water supplies. Vegetable tanning takes between 3 and 5 weeks longer but it does not use the harsh chemicals that most of the industry does.
  • Reuse and Recycle: BRAVE never sells or throws away leather scrap – instead each piece is used in dozens of creative ways or is saved until a use can be found for.

Here are the details for the other items I am wearing….The blouse is from local Vancouver boutique, Barefoot Contessa.  A purchase I made last Spring.  This skirt has been in my closet forever!  Well, maybe 8 years.  It is from Australian made label, Metalicus.  My sandals were purchased at Target a couple of years ago and I have worn them 50+ times.  My choker was some good old DIY.  It’s velvet belt from a dress that moved from my closet to my sister’s closet.  I just wrap it around twice and tied it in the back.  Voila!  You can find this bag here.

I love shiny new things too, but I’m trying to be smarter about the way I  buy.  Get creative and challenge yourself to live with less, wear what you have, and keep Mother Earth in mind.  Happy Earth Day!


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