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I get asked two questions a lot, one,  am i in fact a prairie girl and two, where abouts am I from.  Yes, I am a Prairie Girl and I am from Saskatchewan.  The last city I lived in before moving out to BC (and the one I lived in the longest) was Regina.   Compared to the Greater Vancouver Area’s approximate 2.3 million people, Regina’s 200,000 population seems quite small.  However, when I moved from a population 900 town to Regina, I felt like I was moving to New York City.  (Also, I was ten.)

There were so many amazing things about growing up in a smaller community, and yes, some challenges too.  Getting to see your favourite singer / band play, was definitely one of them.  I remember my parents driving my sister and I and our friends to Saskatoon ( a 2 and a half hour drive from Regina) to see The Tragically Hip in concert.  They braved a blizzard, highway driving, and a car full of annoying pre-teen girls, just so we could go to this concert we HAD to see.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

When I heard about a very cool music program called AIR MILES Detour + saw the town name Moose Jaw pop up, I got excited. (Moose Jaw is just 45 minutes away from Regina.)  AIR MILES Reward Program in partnership with Live Nation will be rewarding a one Canadian town with an epic music experience.  A concert with an A-List musician will play in a small town, to I’m sure, a big crowd.

If you are an AIR MILES collector, you can help a small town rock out with Meghan Trainor.   Collectors can hop onto the Detour website to vote for one of the five towns that have been chosen as finalists, which are:

Nelson, BC

Morin Heights, QC

Port Hawkesbury, NS

Mulmur, ON

and my pick, Moose Jaw, SK

Once you have voted, each time you use your AIR MILES Card will count as one vote for the town you have chosen!  For those of us who live in a major city, concerts happen every week.  Help spread that musical love with fellow Canadian music lovers.  If you yourself live near one of the selected cities or have friends and family who live near by, get those votes in.  Plus,  you could  WIN 1 of 5 VIP concert experiences, including a round trip to the winning DETOUR location, accommodation, prime seats and back stage passes, for you and 3 friends to see Meghan Trainor.  Click here to see how you can enter to win.

Ends May 31, 2016

John Dale | Moose Jaw, SK Vocalist

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