Ikigai: (n.)  Your reason for waking up the morning; the passion that drives your life.

What a beautiful word for for where my life is at right now.  Motherhood is a crazy ride.  Most days I experience exhaustion, being overwhelmed, frustration, fear of failure, and second guessing a lot of what I do.  But, every morning I wake up knowing I will also get hugs, smiles, cuddles, to experience firsts, play, giggles, kisses, teach my kids new things, sing, have spontaneous dance parties, and get so much love my heart could explode.

Sabrina is helping me show off this gorgeous necklace from Speechlust.  This piece is from their Mother’s Day Collection, but they offer a whole dictionary of yummy words to suit your life.  I also have my girl’s initials engraved on the back.  Such a special piece that I absolutely cherish.  You can view their entire collection here.

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