Two Meals Two Ways


Dinner time in our house can go one of two ways.  The first way is lovely.  I put on some music, the kids are happy and having fun, Maddie helps me in the kitchen, I can clean as I cook and we enjoy dinner together as a family.  We have been enjoying most of our dinners outside on our new back deck.   When Fresh Prep asked if I wanted to give them a whirl, I was excited to have the prep work done for me so I could focus on the fun part, putting a lovely meal together.  All the ingredients come pre-measured, pre-sliced, pre-diced….prepped and ready to go and all delivered right to your door.   They include a recipe card for you to follow to transform the ingredients into something delicious.  And they were indeed delicious!

Then there is the other way dinner time can go.  A total shit show that requires all hands on deck.  We had one of those nights last week.  (pictured below)  The babies were miserable and screaming off and on, Maddie was in a mood, I had to clean up a pee accident in her room right in the middle of trying to make dinner, our kitchen was a disaster, and my husband and I were in a full sweat.  We still managed to get dinner on the table despite the chaos.  If I hadn’t had the Fresh Prep meal on hand, I swear I would have made toast for dinner.   Since life is freakin hard some days, give yourself a break when it comes to dinners.  A bit of “cheating” from a company like Fresh Prep to get a healthy meal on the table….not a bad thing.  Take your ease to another level and use paper plates when things are really not going your way.  Limit that clean up mommas!

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