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I figured since some of you may be new to my site and with the site rebrand, I should properly introduce myself to you all.  My name is Jennifer Pistor  {last name is pronounced “Peace-tore” not pister}.   I am 37 years old and live in New Westminster, British Columbia with my husband and three littles.  My oldest is Madelyn and she will be four years old this November.  My youngest two, Lily and Sabrina, are twins.  They will be turning one this December.  Yes, that’s a lot of birthdays for a lot of girlies to plan!

I figure I’d self interview to keep things quick and fun in getting to know a bit more about me.  Poor yourself a glass of wine, {you know I have one right now}  it makes it more like a cocktail party chit chat…but maybe a bit one sided;)

What are 3 fun facts about yourself?
1) I used to work as a hair model and travel all over doing it.
2) I do a great Russian accent.
3) I have more self confidence now as a curvier gal then I did when I was a lot younger and only 12o pounds.

What are you watching on Netflix right now?
I am currently watching Glow and have now finished both seasons of Master of None. Obsessed with this show!

What do you like to do in your free time?
Bhahahahahahahaha! Free time. I have three small kids, so sometimes I lie down and that’s kind of fun.

If you could live anywhere in the world (other than where you live now) where would it be?
San Fransisco

Boldest fashion moment?
I went to Vegas modelling in a hairshow when I was 22. I bought a pair of pants that were basically a pair of denim cut offs with long, flowy, scarf like, pleated legs sew on. They were blue and purple tie dye and were adorned with a large rhinestone belt buckle.  They sound horrific, but they had this whole sexy hippie vibe and I LOVED them!

Biggest pet peeve?
When people portray themselves as something they are not.  Social media is full of staged images with people trying to prove to the world they are something that they are not.  I’m totally a sucker for a pretty picture, but honesty can also be a beautiful thing.

Red wine? White wine? Or Rose?
All the wine.

Hardest part about being a mom?
Everyday they are new challenges that arise and you are forced to adapt. I find humour and just letting it go help a lot with this. The hardest thing for me personally is pushing myself to last place. I really need to work on prioritizing time for myself that doesn’t just involve a trip to the grocery store with no kids.

Why do you blog?
Blogging is a bit of a release for me. It allows me to be creative, share thoughts and ideas on style, life, and motherhood and gives me a sense of community. I have made some amazing real life friendships through blogging. That has definitely been the most rewarding part of this journey.

top: c/o Dex Plus {available at The Urban Rack}
shorts: Addition Elle
hat: Hunnis
shoes: Mix Mooz from Shoes on Fourth
earrings: Olive & Piper

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