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One Week of a Stay At Home Mom’s Wardrobe

stay at home mom

I wanted to do a fun post to help inspire moms to feel good about themselves when life is feeling anything but glamorous.  So, on went my thinking cap of how to spin it.  I started by going online and researching what kind of information is out there for moms in regards to creating an at home wardrobe.

One article I read, from 2014, was written by a mom who was young and tiny and who’s main message was “moms can do better and should do better”.  She made a list of 5 things moms should never wear.  The list included yoga pants, cropped pants, running shoes, sweatpants, and boxy fitting t-shirts.  The tone of the article was very judgemental and a bit shaming of moms who dress this way.    I mean I don’t advocate that yoga pants are appropriate for all situations but for a quick preschool drop off and playing with my kids…they do just fine.  I thought I should do a challenge like “No Yoga Pants for One Week”.  This thought didn’t last long.  It just sounded like a week of being uncomfortable at home.

My next thought was a 10×10 challenge.  Ten pieces of clothing for 10 days.  I would mix and match and show how you can do so much with so little.  As I stood staring at my closet unable to choose even one item to commit 10 days to, let alone 10 pieces, I decided to move past this idea.  There were too many factors and the whole thing was exhausting me.

Finally I decided to simply share what I wear on a day to day basis for a one week time frame.  These pictures aren’t glamorous.  They are just me living my life in a wardrobe I have slowly curated for myself and works well for me and my lifestyle.  I kept a little style diary each day.  I wan’t women to know that they can (and should) dress however they want and in what makes them feel best.  So here we go….

stay at home mom

Day 1:

Outfit: Black yoga pants + grey v-neck t-shirt + a long black cardigan + topknot

About the day:  A pretty typical look for me really.  This was the first day back at real life after Spring break. These are the days I dedicate to play time with the kids, getting things done around the house, organizing myself for the week ahead, and checking a few things off my to-do list.


stay at home mom

Day 2:

The Outfit: black jeans + chambray top + lightweight bomber jacket + pink Puma runners + pink cross body bag + specs

About the day:  The mom errand outfit.  I had childcare this day, so I was out and about getting a few things done.  These new pink runners are insanely comfortable.

stay at home mom

Day 3:

The Outfit: sweatpants + t-shirt + cardi

About the Day: An at home day with the kids.  I was kicking it solo this day so it was mom super hero clothes for the win!

stay at home mom

Day 4:

The Outfit: black jeans + t-shirt + camo rain jacket +  runners + ponytail

About the Day:  In the morning I took Madelyn to her dance class, where I enjoyed 45 peaceful minutes to myself with a book in a coffee shop.  Babies stayed at home with Grandma.  Maddie and I then went to the library and to shop for a birthday gift before heading home to clean the house and do laundry.  For some reason I STRUGGLED to get dressed this day.  Everything felt like the wrong thing, I was in a rush, and this was the best I  could do.  Somedays, that’s just how it goes.

stay at home mom

Day 5:

The outfit: black jeans (ya, I wear them a lot) + grey t-shrit + short sleeve cardi + top knot

About the Day: This day I attended a 4 year olds birthday party with Madelyn after taking the babies to their first swimming class in the morning.  This top knot stood the test of time.  I put this bad boy up first thing in the morning and it stayed in all day (until I got the “my hair’s been up too long headache).

stay at home mom

Day 6:

The Outfit: Yup!  It’s those black jeans again + green t-shirt + camo rain jacket

About the Day: This was a pretty chill day of running errands with the kids.  We try to make errands as fun as we can.  Madelyn got to pick out a new toy and we made a pitstop for coffees and cookies.  Full tummies and caffeinated parents keep the day running smoothly.

stay at home mom

Day #7:

The Outfit: black leggings + oversized sweater + fuzzy pom pom slippers

About the Day: I had help with the kids this day which always makes life a bit simpler.  Our Nanny and I took the babies for a walk in the morning and the rest of the day was spent cleaning the house and playing with the kids, + I did some writing.

In this seven days it rained a lot.  I didn’t have too much of anything out of the ordinary going on.  It was a very typical week.  Documenting what I wore  has made me realize you really don’t need a lot when your life is pretty casual and low key.  Having said that, I am excited for Spring like weather and mixing things up a bit.  I’ve been adding in a wee bit of colour and I’m in the market for a new pair of blue jeans (those poor black jeans need a break).

One Week Wardrobe Summery:

1 pair of jeans
3 t-shirts
3 cardigans
1 oversized sweater
1 chambray shirt
1 pair of sweatpants
1 pair of leggings
3 jackets
1 pair of slippers
2 pairs of runners


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