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10 Truths About Motherhood


I thought that instead of a Mother’s Day Giveaway, I would give away some Mommy advice. (see what I did there…lol).  I would not say I a mom expert, but I am experienced so I thought I’d share some things I have learnt along the way.  Some of my advice is silly, some is raw, all of it is true…for me anyhow.

  • Not everything will just come naturally.  Some things you will struggle to find your way with, but eventually you will find what works best for you.
  • After having kids, it will be cute to think back to those times when you thought you were tired.  I think a better term for after kids (especially for that newborn stage) is exhaustion.
  • You will succumb to leggings.  It might not be with your first child, but the day will come when you’re like “yes, leggings are totally pants.”
  • You will loose some friends along the way.  It happens.  Motherhood changes you and it can change the relationships you have with others.  One of the best analogies I ever heard was that life is like a train and everyone you meet in life is a passenger.  Some will only be on your train for a short ride.  Some passengers may even hop off and on a few times.  Then, there are those passengers that will be on your train for life.  It’s ok, to let someone off your train.  Sometimes it’s the healthiest thing for you both.
  • You will say the words “good enough” in regards to cleaning your house, cleaning your kids, and your own personal appearance regularly .



  • You will talk about poop a lot.  When someone does go, when someone doesn’t go….poop will be a really big deal.
  • You will struggle with feeling inadequate.  All moms have moments of feeling like they are failing.  Failing their spouses, failing their friends, failing at work, failing around the house, failing compared to other moms, or failing their kids.  Listen carefully….YOU ARE NOT FAILING!
  •  There is no such thing as a perfect mom, so please ignore the crap you see on social media telling you otherwise.  I’m a blogger who, at times, can really dislike (some) other bloggers.  I don’t want to be shown how “perfect” your are, how you got your body back after baby, how your house is a palace of white with nothing out of place, how you go on a family vacation 10 times a year, or how you always have it together to bake fresh, vegan, gluten free muffins every morning before taking your perfect, designer clad children to school.  Let me be clear, I find there are some incredibly inspiring women and mother’s out there on social media too, but there are those out there that will make you feel less then.  Please, don’t let them.  I spent too many tears after my first was born thinking I was screwing it all up.  Trust me, you got this Momma!
  • Your body will change and it will be hard as hell to love it some days.  Even if you are one of the lucky ones who looses all the weight after you have your baby (babies), your body is forever changed.  It might be stretch marks, it might be sagging skin, it might be droopier boobs, a flatter butt, bigger feet, some extra squish, a vajay that just isn’t the same, or maybe even a scar or two.  I have had many changes happen to my bod and I have experienced a roller coaster of emotions about it.  Take everything a day at a time.  It’s ok, to love and appreciate the body you have today while working on improving it to keep you healthy and happy.  (read my size is just a number post here.
  • You will learn a love like no other.  There are times where I feel like I am going crazy with three of them all pulling on me and whining while I’m trying to cook dinner.  There are times when I feel like I just can’t do it today.  There are times when your child looks at you and says “I love you Mommy.” and your heart will melt and you realize it is all worth it.  The sleepless nights, the long days, the overwhelming weeks are all absolutely worth it all and you would choose this life over and over again.



kimono: c/o Buttercream Clothing
dress: Sears Clearance sale find
shoes: Miz Mooz c/o Shoes on Fourth
necklace: Karen Telio

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